Thursday, September 15, 2011

BC's Top Baby Names

you know how you read those lists of the top baby names of the year but they're for all of the US or all of Canada? (or is it just me reading lists of baby names? ha) well, a friend of mine recently told me that BC (and probably other provinces too) posts ALL the names of babies every year and the NUMBER of each name! how great is that? a much more accurate reading on whether your kid will have to go by their last initial in their kindergarten class or not. :) it looks like ben will - apparently, there were 195 Benjamins in BC in 2009 and 210 Benjamins in 2010! but it's a pretty interesting list to go through. click here to check it out.


Ang said...

This is so interesting! My son's name is not listed, but then I read the small print and it says that only names that were given more then 5 times show up. :) My husband's name is not listed either. Weirdos.
My name got a measly 20, all of you friends got way more!
We are excited to see the 2011 list to see if Pippa makes the list :)

Ang said...

I'm feeling worse about my name when I found out that I was beaten by Gurleen.

theRachel said...

Aw, Pippa is one of my names for a girl for sure...I loved it before the Pippa Middleton graced the covers of Hello...can't believe Gurleen beat you, Ang!