Monday, September 12, 2011

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Best Ever Zucchini Bread - this is a great recipe especially because it makes so much. i'd bought a couple zucchinis at the farmer's market which makes me want to grow my own next year. i made one large loaf and two small loaves with one recipe which was great. we immediately ate a small loaf and were able to throw the other ones in the freezer for another day. i substituted 1/2cup applesauce for 1/2 cup of oil which worked great - i'd like to try to substitute the whole cup of oil for a whole cup of applesauce but have yet to try that out.

ben eating his cake on the deck

Easy Blueberry Cake - i tried this out because i had bisquick in the house and i thought it sounded easy. what i discovered was that i don't mind taking an extra few minutes to throw a couple extra dry ingredients in instead of using bisquick! but it was pretty good cake nonetheless. best warm.

Homemade Vanilla Creamer - this turned out to be pretty great. i used to use the vanilla creamer that you buy in the store which doesn't go bad for like, 6 months, and you wonder what the heck is in it. if you use that everyday, this homemade version probably won't cut it. HOWEVER, after having not bought that other creamer for SO long, this ended up being a great substitute. (i keep it in a Tupperware Mod. Mate with a dripless pour spout which has turned out to be fantastic and seriously dripless.) tim says it's too sweet for him but i use it as both my creamer and sugar. no extra sugar needed.

ben grabbing for his smoothie

Green Smoothie - i didn't follow this recipe really but what i took from it was that you can throw whatever you have in the fridge into your smoothie. if you add juice, it takes some of the vegetable flavour away. ben's a big smoothie fan so i started adding spinach ice cubes (just blended spinach saved in ice cube trays) or fresh if i had it, cucumber, whatever fruit i had on hand or in the freezer and then a little juice and sometimes a little water to make it thinner (so it can go up a straw). these are so great! AND practically ben's daily intake of fruits and veggies! i pour them into an opaque cup so that he doesn't notice on the days that the smoothie is a little greener than usual.

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