Friday, September 30, 2011

what are you watching?

this was a fantastic week to love tv AND have had a newborn because all the new seasons of our favourite shows started. ALSO, there were tons of new shows and we taped and watched most of them. how did we ever survive without a pvr before? they are a must-have for life with newborn. i wasted some major time that i should have spent cleaning up my house and wrote a little bit about each show that we watched. don't leave me hanging - let me know what you're watching or what you thought of any of these shows.

shows that we already were watching previous seasons (spoiler alert - don't read if you haven't watched these yet):

parenthood: i adore this show so much that my hopes were probably too high for the season opener and therefore, i was a little disappointed. second episode this past week though started getting good. love that adam and crosby are going into business together - that's going to be a good, continuing story line. not sure about this sarah dating the teacher thing but i do love that actor so since his acting gig on "the event" was cancelled, i'm glad he's got a spot on parenthood.

community: not a strong start but last season we stopped watching for awhile and then it got awesome halfway through the season and i was sorry that we'd missed a bunch of episodes. i like the new role of security guard for chang and the fact that pierce looks like he'll be back to normal - those are two characters that i was hating last season.

parks and rec: we love love this show. like the new role for andy as amy poehler's assistant. an okay opening episode.

office: i had low expectations for the season premiere though i was glad to see in the ads that robert california was going to be on the show because i thought he was so funny in the season finale. when i actually watched, i was pumped that andy is actually the manager AND robert cali is going to be on the show. nice little twist. i thought it was a great premiere and was pleasantly surprised. (laughed aloud at the second episode this week)

survivor: if you listen to the open mike from my wedding video, you'll know that i used to be a crazy survivor fan. at about season 10, i took about a 10 season break from the show. but tim and i watched the last two seasons and have really liked the show again so i was happy to discover that this season looks pretty good too. i am weirded out that coach is here again as an all-star when i don't think he was that great at the game the last two times but he seems to have mellowed a bit (or so the editing tells us) making him not as annoying to watch.

new shows that we were looking forward to:

person of interest - benjamin linus from Lost and Jim Caviezel - it looked like a good match to me. i figured this would be a Lost or The Event type replacement but the premise of the show (which you'll have to google because i can't explain it) will make for a new episode every week as opposed to a story that keeps building and building. it got a little more "shoot em up" at the end than i would like to watch but overall, i really liked the show and will definitely be watching this one regularly.

new girl - zooey deschanel's new show. this character was MADE for her and it was actually a great first episode. funny and quirky. can't wait to see more to see if they can keep it that way.

up all night - i was SO looking forward to this show as i love will arnett and christina applegate. the fact that it's about parenthood was total bonus. after having watched two episodes now, i'm a little disappointed that the characters are so...for lack of a better word, dumb. i'm still going to keep watching in hopes of improved character development... ;)

prime suspect - we thought we'd try out a new detective show and i really liked this one. it seemed like a more believable account of being a female cop in a department of men. the main actress is awesome - no annoying chip on her shoulder, not overdone on the attitude, just cool. i'm looking forward to more episodes - this was a good find.

unforgettable - this was a random "we just had a baby and have no where to go and nothing to do" pvr choice. the main detective has some kind of medical, can remember everything, syndrome. it was interesting enough for us to tape the episode the next week.

pan am - i fell asleep with the baby on chest...i don't think it was the show's fault. i was just tired. anyone else watch this one?

terra nova - tim thought this could be our new LOST. i couldn't get through the first hour. i found it hard to connect with the main characters and then when the dinosaurs showed up, i told tim he'd have to watch this show on his own if he wanted to keep watching. haha. i think he's bailed as well.

two and a half men - i hate this show. but ashton kutcher? i had to just watch the first couple episodes and see what his character was going to be like. i kind of liked ashton's character! but i most likely won't be watching.

hmm...maybe i should be embarrassed that i watched this much tv in a week...and then took the time to write about it. but now it's done and even though i'm embarrassed - i'm super interested to hear what you watched.


LaelDyck said...

ok, i am a HUGE parenthood fan. i think it is probably my favourite tv show at the moment. glad you like it too. :)
the new girl-glad i decided to watch this show, i am enjoying this funny 30 min show.
up all night- slightly disappointed with this show. i missed the pilot so maybe that should have helped me to be more into it...hoping it will get better.
the office-totally agree that andy being the regional manager is a great twist and i love how he is carefully considering everything.
survivor- don't care for coach, not a big ozzy fan...glad that russell's nephew is on so that there is at least some kind of hook.

theRachel said...

We have enjoyed the first couple episodes of The New Girl and we absolutely love Modern Family (I realize it's not on your list, though). We also love Parks & Rec, and a friend of mine made an interesting statement last week - that the cast is so strong, that sometimes Amy Poehler is the least funny...which I don't think means anything negative about AP (I love her!), but just speaks to how great the show is and how the cast is excellent.

I hadn't considered the leads in Up All Night as being dumb, but now that you mention it, they kind of are...hmmm...will be interesting to see how the show develops.

theRachel said...

Augh...I wrote a long comment on here this AM...what happened to it?

dawn said...

I am hugely liking New Girl. Very humorous and quirky. I love Survivor, but find Russell's nephew very annoying because of his being another "crazy Christian"...really? Why can't they ever portray Christians as being cool and normal? ARGH! And I just started to watch The Big Bang Theory...finding it pretty amusing. Don't know why I never watched it before! I also love Modern Family.

matt said...

no office?