Tuesday, September 06, 2011

first day of school

well...not for us. but when ben got up, his first priority was to find his backpack and fill it with stuff from around the house. seems appropriate for the day after labour day, hey?

everyone needs markers and a small ladder, right? (there's a tape measure in there too)

he LOVES to wear his backpack - blurry but too cute not to post.

shoot - the drill is too big...

ready for school...hmm...maybe he needs pants and couple more years.
we baked blackberry muffins instead of going to school today.


theRachel said...

Ha ha, that pic of Ben all ready to go (sans pants) is hilarious!

LaelDyck said...

i hope jacob grows up to be like ben :)

Ang said...

I'd give him an A.