Monday, September 12, 2011

Tupperware commercial!

speaking of freezing food...all Tupperware's Freezer Mates went on sale this month! how great is that? here are the deals:

everyone's FAVOURITE freezermate size: the large 2. you can RARELY buy these separately (like i've only seen them on sale once in the last 2 years) and now you can get TWO for $38.50! that's less than $20 each and they are PERFECT for baking -they hold a dozen muffins/cupcakes or i always fill mine with the costco bags of berries and peas so they won't get freezer burned. Or as you can see, they fit big batches of soup or i just used mine yesterday to hold 8 pre-made burritos. these are the BEST!
here's what i call the "go big or go home" set if you really want to get that freezer organized - 24 pieces for $132. this many would normally be $214! you're saving a TON of money and they have a lifetime guarantee. where else can you get that? or SPLIT this set with someone and just pay $66 for half - that's such a good deal to get your freezer started looking awesome.
look how much nicer the one side of my freezer is with these! they are lego for the freezer - make them fit perfectly depending on the sizes of things you're putting in there.
read about my idea for hosting a Freezer Meal Tupperware Party here - everyone preorders their Freezer Mates and then I'll send you a list of potential recipes, you choose a handful, we set a date for all your mom friends to come over and we PREP! Everyone will go home with their containers full of meals all ready to go!

if you're not ready to commit to 24 containers, there are a couple other sets for you but they are "purchase with purchase" sets. let me explain...

if you are buying $120 worth of Tupperware, THEN you can get this set for just $23.50: the Family Set of 4. these are my most used sizes. because the medium 1s are so thin, they thaw quicker - in fact, i have a pound of prebrowned hamburger in a medium 1 sitting in my sink thawing right now. getting ready to make burritos for dinner. other ideas?

or if you are spending $85, you can get the Starter Set for $15.50. these look ridiculously small in real life but you want to freeze food with the least amount of air possible and small containers is one way to do that.

the small 1s hold 2 chicken breasts and the small 2s hold a pound of ground beef (among many other things as well).

want to order some Freezer Mates or book your party? email

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