Friday, September 09, 2011

one shirt

last pregnancy, i got down to really only having one shirt that fit over my stomach. i resisted buying anything new for the entire last month of pregnancy because i was only going to be pregnant for so much longer. after i had ben, i realized that you still need some of your maternity stuff for awhile as your tummy slowly deflates. i thought to myself, "next pregnancy, i'm not holding back if i need something new."

but here we are...i have only one shirt that fits over my stomach (that i'll wear in public - i have two tank tops that i wear around the house). i've been in this situation for probably at least 2 - 3 weeks already and despite doing my best to shop for a couple new shirts, nothing in STORES fit will over my belly! (without being way too huge on top) and so, we have yet another one-shirt-wonder that i will want to burn post-pregnancy but will have to continue to wear for another 4 months while i attempt to slim down. at least this one is a step up from a blue t-shirt.
the problem with having this one shirt is that you're constantly washing it. and that might be three (maybe 4?) wears then wash in my (not-so-clean) world BUT as a pregnant person, i am CONSTANTLY spilling things on myself. i don't know if spill this often when i'm not pregnant and it just doesn't hit my stomach because it's usually not this large but i've had to start washing this dumb shirt daily (at night when i'm sleeping)!

the other day, i put it on to wear to my doctor's appointment and i was kicking myself for not having washed it the previous night because i had a faint little blackberry spot on the white collar. but did i have a choice? no. i had to wear it. oh well. at the office, i walked into the fully mirrored elevator and saw that the tiny spot on my collar was the least of my worries because at the bottom of the shirt (where i cannot see) was a HUGE blackberry stain. and i thought all my stains were top of the belly stains! shoot.

so we're 10 days away from the due date (20 days away from my personally predicted date) and i guess i'm just glad that i have ONE shirt that fits because having NO shirts would be a REAL problem. :)


MamaConverse said...

10 days, sigh. I'm at 17. It's so painful. I sold all my maternity cloths, thats how done I am with this!

Alyssa said...

Tell me about it! I have the same problem. Down to one skirt, one tank top and one dress and I'm constantly spilling! To make matters worse, this crazy heat wave makes it so that anything you bought to wear now will be out of season in a few weeks. Boy am I looking forward to non maternity wear!

The Scott Family! said...

Seriously Rebecca - I want that shirt!! Where did you buy it?? Ava has a similar looking shirt which is maybe why I'm attracted to it . . . and yes, I'll need to be pregnant to wear it, another problem - for now :)

LaelDyck said...

lame!!! hopefully it won't be as long as you are predicting! at least the shirt is super cute!