Sunday, December 04, 2011

advent calendar: day three

"decorate the christmas tree"

getting ready

hanging every ornament on one branch

"good one, ben." - avery

ta da!

since yesterday morning, the bottom half of the christmas tree has been decorated and re-decorated numerous times. only one ornament has been broken but the top half of the tree is pretty full with all our favourite/breakable ornaments. but ben's loving all things christmas and is very put out if ever turn off the tree lights.


theRachel said...

I just love the sibling cute!

theRachel said...

Also, there was a funny sketch on SNL with Steve Buscemi and Kristen Wiig (something...Sheila & Sheila) - reminds me of Ben's tactic of hanging all the ornaments on one branch :)

LaelDyck said...

Aww! The pic of Ben holding Avery is precious!