Saturday, December 03, 2011

advent calendar: day two

"bake Christmas cookies and deliver them to our neighbours"

while waiting for the dough to chill, ben practiced his cookie cutting skills...

"playdough, mommy?"

ben's favourite cookie cutter was the angel but as you can see, it broke the easiest. when it was time to eat a cookie, ben picked the angel and it broke, so he picked another angel and IT broke. at this point, i was like, "sorry but it tastes just as good broken." and didn't let him break another.

what these sweet photos don't show is the total and utter frustration i had with that dough being way too dry and ridiculously hard to roll out THEN the playdough was SO sticky and gross. two extremes. after working so hard to roll the dough to get these few cookies, i forgot to buy parchment and my cookie sheets are awful. i could barely get a cookie off the sheet in one piece. during all this time mixing dough, rolling dough, helping unstick playdough from the table, i'd left avery on her own forever (not sleeping like she should have been), so she was screaming and needing to be held. all of a sudden it was nap time for ben and we hadn't even had lunch but i'm holding a sleeping baby whom i didn't want to wake but had to so that ben could get down for HIS nap. then ben cried and screamed for over an hour in his crib because i think i missed the nap window. total gong show. delivering our cookies to the neighbours seemed much too difficult so instead we stayed home and ate them. what a day. but hey! we've got the happy pictures so the bad time we had post-cookie making will be magically erased from our memories 10 years from now. ;)


LaelDyck said...

Good effort! Stupid recipe. I think it's impressive that you are planning all these fun things for Ben which are a lot of work for you AND you have Avery to hold all the time! Wow!

theRachel said...

Yes, the pictures certainly do tell the rosy side of the story! Love it!