Monday, December 05, 2011

advent calendar: day four

"after nap time, go to the Christmas tree lighting fair"

abbotsford has the "christmas tree lighting" every year for the last 20-something years hich is when they light up this giant evergreen tree that's right in the heart of old downtown. this year, it looked like they were making quite an event of it complete with booths, santa, and free hot chocolate and cookies! wedecided to try out this one instead of the one at central city that you read about in our list.
craft table but it was better suited for taller kids...

shut down the main street

liquid sugar...i mean, hot chocolate.
most of this got poured down the front of me when i was holding ben. yuck.
loving the musical entertainment. after every act, ben would say, "more!"

woohoo! it's more beautiful than ever this year!
the view from a block away!


theRachel said...

Beauty! But when will you buy a new game?

LaelDyck said...

So fun! Ben is adorable in his touque!