Wednesday, December 14, 2011

advent calendar: day twelve

"read lots of Christmas books"
yes, this is veering away from the original list but we can't go big everyday. ;)

a quick favourite has been The Christmas Gift by Emily Arnold McCully. it actually has no words but it's a pretty cute book about a mouse family on Christmas day. each mouse gets a different present and ben likes to point at each one and say what it is. the other day, i asked ben what he thought uncle matt might like for christmas and he said, "a teddy bear." then i asked him what daddy would like for christmas. he said, "a trumpet." he was just going through the list of gifts from this book in his head. i definitely think we should get tim a trumpet for christmas.


judymacd said...

I would like to know what he thought Gamma would like :)

theRachel said...

I would laugh very hard if Tim got a trumpet for Christmas. However, maybe you can find him a small toy one for his stocking?