Tuesday, December 13, 2011

aha! moment

the other day, i took ben to Strong Start (a drop-in program run by the school districts for ages 0 - 5 that is FREE and kind of prepares kids for preschool/kindergarten - and one of the locations is the school behind our house!) and all he wanted to play with was the wooden trains. SERIOUSLY, ben? we bought you a train table with track and trains! we gave you trains as a gift! my aunt mailed you track and trains from ontario! you never play with them! tim and i were just discussing if we should pack them up and store them for awhile until he's a bit older. but it's almost all he played with that morning at the school.

hmm...what is different about the trains at school and the trains at home? ours are on a table. at school, he played with them on the floor.

the next day, i brought all the track and trains out from his room into the kitchen. he sat and played trains off and on all morning. he loved it! he's just learning to put the tracks together himself and really can only build in a straight line so maybe the table was hindering that? also, the kitchen is central. he can play with me nearby AND i join in to play here and there if he's in the kitchen. since this discovery, he's played with his trains everyday. what a great discovery!

turns out, i love building these tracks and making them all connect. so yes, i did build this one.


LaelDyck said...

Great problem solving!

theRachel said...

I love that you're building the trains too!