Thursday, January 19, 2012

back on the wagon...?

is that what you'd say after you've fallen off the wagon? anyways...i'm talking weight watcher points wagon and i'm on it. one whole week of point counting and i survived! not just survived - i didn't go over on points this week which is stellar. once i get on a roll, i can stick with something but it's that initial kickstart that is the killer. i think after having ben, i probably started counting points about 10 different times only to go over on points before the week was out. i'm sticking with the "old points" system because that's what i know how to do and i'm not actually signing up with WW - just going about it the free way. the first time i did ww the free way, i had a friend who was paying - she got me all my goods (aka point scale) and she was my "weigh - in" buddy with whom i could points talk with. it's important to have that buddy. so anyone out there also on old points and want to swap thoughts/recipes/etc.? let me know. i could use a buddy this time around too.

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