Tuesday, January 10, 2012


from what i've heard about second children, they are more likely to be schlepped around to the first child's activities and less likely to be on a schedule. that sounded good to me. i was pretty crazy about ben's sleep schedule...oh wait, i still am. as it turns out, those second children that i've heard about are not mine. i am me and i can't help but be somewhat tied to this girlie's routine! why would i want to sacrifice a nap just to have a cranky girl all day? i wouldn't. but this is just a new thought since yesterday.

yesterday, i popped avery in her carseat at nap time and figured she'd sleep in the car when we went across the border to pick up my new camera (!). she didn't fall asleep until about 30 minutes after she would have at home. then, since she was sleeping, i lugged the kids into tim hortons with a blanket over avery's carseat so she wouldn't see all the lights and such and hopefully keep sleeping. nope. immediately awake. so instead of a 45min - 1hr nap in her bed in the morning, she had a 10min nap in her carseat. it threw her for the entire day. bottles were crazy. she seemed constantly tired but couldn't get a long nap in. it was very "hey mommy! i need to have normal naps please!" moment.

then this morning she was up at 5am, i got her to sleep until 6am then i got up to feed her. she literally cannot eat if she's tired. other babies need a bottle to go to sleep? this kid chokes and shakes and is a crazy person when she's tired - it doesn't matter that she hasn't eaten in 12 hours. so after attempting to force feed her (seriously? you're not hungry after 12 hours?) and her crying her eyes out, she fell asleep in my arms after i rocked her for a little. oh man. i hope i can get her back to normal today.

uhh...maybe i should stop blogging and go feed her...

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LaelDyck said...

I did that a lot with Jacob, planned on him sleeping in the car. It sucks when they start growing out of the "I can sleep anywhere" stage. Jacob can't be rocked to sleep and he doesn't sleep in the car much any more either. It is lame!