Sunday, January 01, 2012

project life 2012

happy new year!

this year, i have a new project. "Project Life". i stumbled upon this scrapbooking system in one of the many blogs that i follow. the concept is that it is scrapbooking for people who don't have time for scrapbooking AND instead of just scrapbooking the big events, project life is all about the everyday. you have 12x12 plastic sheets with pockets (like those ones for hockey cards) and then you buy a kit that has colour coordinated papers in 4x6 and 2x3 (the two sizes of pockets). everyday, you're taking photos (which i already do) and doing a little journalling then you slide those cards and photos into the sheets and voila! a scrapbook page. the idea is that a 2 page spread would be one week. you do a two page spread every week and after 52 weeks, you have an amazing, personalized, scrapbook of your year! check out ali edwards' blog and her version of Project Life and check out this photo of her scrapbook below.

i love the idea of scrapbooking and i have made a couple for specific occasions (one for my first year of teaching...umm...which i haven't finished yet...and one for my mom's 50th birthday). i didn't like how much money i invested in paper and stickers etc etc yet still felt like i was always going out to buy one more thing. i like my digital scrapbooking system but it's still somewhat time consuming to get those perfect pages and i already spend too much time on the computer.

here's the kit i purchased - the turqouise edition. i also ordered a package of 60 plastic pages with assorted designs.
Project Life Core Kit - Turquoise Edition

i, unfortunately, am not a project finisher. i am a project starter. i peter out part-way through many a project (example: not having everyday ready for the advent calendar and then getting sick of posting about the advent calendar! haha). SO - my new years resolution...drum roll, to finish this project! i'm dedicating a space on my desk to the scrapbook so everything is in one place and easy to grab. i also have bought myself a new camera with my christmas money!!! the main feature that i'm super excited about is that it takes pictures in low-light with no flash - something i'm always trying to do with my current camera but they're always blurry/dark. but it also has manual settings that i can learn more about changing my aperture and shutter speeds with which is something i've always wanted.
i'm so totally excited about this project and am hoping it doesn't cut back on my blogging.

other plans for 2012: make a will, get life insurance, keep my room cleaner, get an estimate on replacing all our windows (yes, just an estimate for now), have one tupperware party a month minimum, and get the carpets cleaned professionally.

what are your plans?


LaelDyck said...

Wow! Looks great! I hope you finish this project. And you can keep up your blogging by posting a pic each weother the pages you complete :). One of my goals is to make a photobook of Jacob's first year and to actually start it before he turns one so that I am not completely overwhelmed with 12 months to do at once. I am already 7 months behind. I also want to have more dates with steve, cook more (which means planning meals) and get more sleep....that's gonna be the hardest cause Jacob needs to cooperate.

theRachel said...

I'm so excited to see this project in person - I'm sure it will be great!

Alyssa said...

So, when you first told me about this I didn't really get it. Now that you do though I'm LOVING this idea - should have ordered the stuff to get started at the beginning of the year. I do have that baby scrapbook I'm supposed to be working on so maybe this year I should just focus on that, haha. Can't wait to see the finished project friend! Do you plan on printing your pics out yourself or getting them printed?