Saturday, January 14, 2012

project life: week 1

yes! i did my first project life layout! last saturday, in fact - not even behind schedule yet. (she says on week one) here are my things laid out on my dining room table...
there are about a million items in my "wishlist" right now - products that i've seen around the blogosphere. a corner chomper, an "attacher" (uses tiny staples), 6x12 inch page protectors, etc. for now, i'm cutting the corners by hand (gasp!) and just NOT attaching anything. haha. but every page protector has 3x4 pockets for journaling and photos but you can print that size photo at walmart unless you stand in store and use their machine (which i don't have time to do) so on this first layout, i traced a journaling card on a photo and cut it out. then i used that old photo with a hole in it to hold over other pics to see if they'd look good small. do you see what i mean in this below pic? at this point, i'm feeling like i'm going about this archaically when i read all these beautiful project life one is blogging about chopping up their pics! they're printing them from their photo printers. i originally thought i'd print my own photos but then when i started setting up a printer, it seemed like so much hassle AND a new thing to learn AND printing your own pics averages 30 cents a photo. maybe if 2012 goes well, i'll aim for that "new" technology for 2013. :)

finished layout (minus the one photo that i hadn't gotten printed yet). it's bare bones simple - just pics and my own writing on the cards but i have actually DOCUMENTED a week of our lives in a two page spread that you can look at withOUT being on the computer! woohoo!
i find that i want way more pics than i have room for because i also have so many stories i want to add. i could do numerous double page spreads for every week i bet. i'm currently working on this past week and it's so painstaking choosing my photos. i used to edit some photos and to add writing right onto a couple photos so that i didn't need a journalling space for them.
this spread took time planning on paper before i sent my photos to walmart but then only took about 45 minutes to finish once i had photos printed! i'm hooked! :)


theRachel said...

It looks SO GREAT! Can't wait to see it in person!

LaelDyck said...

I am starting to wish I was doing this as well. Maybe next year. Or maybe I could do it for Jacob from his 1st birthday to his 2nd. It looks SO good and not overly time consuming!