Tuesday, January 17, 2012


yesterday, tim had already planned to work from home so when we woke up to piles of snow, i was so happy that he wasn't going in! this way, ben got to spend a ton of time outside playing and i was able to stay inside with avery. we really have no way to lug her around in the snow except to carry her though tim was pretty sure the old zooper could have handled it. turns out that avery decided to have a 4 hour nap this morning which meant loads of time to myself for a long shower, an omelette breakfast, and lots of pinterest/blog-reading catch up time. what a great morning...a great day, really.

the first couple times that ben and tim went out, tim wanted to pull ben around on the sled but ben wasn't too enthused. tim says to me, "all ben wants to do is dig." i said, "great - let him dig." tim replies, "but that's no fun!" haha.
this is actually sunday's little bit of snow. ben left this shovel somewhere on the ground and it was covered by monday morning. tim dug and dug around for it but it has yet to be found!

ben and tim were out for an hour or so first thing in the morning then came back in to warm up for bit.

making a mid-morning "second breakfast" with daddy.

first time having hot chocolate at home!

back out for round 2 - this round lasted at least a couple hours! obviously, tim gave in to digging and he and ben made a mountain on the driveway. other people take the snow OFF the driveway, we like to make it bigger. ;)
out for round 3 - this time with avery.

when avery was finally awake at the same time as ben, i took her outside to check out the snow. as you can see - she's not impressed. we went for a little walk with her inside my jacket but it just didn't cut it. after avery and i went back inside, tim and ben stayed out and went back to the park. when they returned, tim excitedly says, "ben got over his fear of the sled!" i guess they went down the hill many, many times and had a lot of fun sledding until it was dark. love it.

what would have made this one of my most favourite days would have been pizza for dinner...but pizza is hard on the ww points. (i'm almost done my first week of point counting and it looks like i'm going to make it without going over! phew. now if i could just get some more regular gym time and hopefully i'll start losing some of this weight!) i indulged a little with chicken strips instead.

before bed, some songs on the guitar. my favourite was the one that went, "bunnies, bunnies, bunnies, fire trucks, bunnies."

what a great snow day! if only i could have gotten tim to stay home again today! no such luck.


theRachel said...

Hopefully Ben's love of digging will stick around and Tim can put him to work! Looks like you guys had a great day!

theRachel said...

Also, at first glance of Ben making eggs I thought to myself, wow, he's really using the stove? Then I realized - toy frying pan, egg, etc, just beside Dad :)

LaelDyck said...

Sounds like a wonderful family snow day! Yay or long naps and dads being home. The best.

Hanners said...

how long are you going to do ww for? you're the only person i know who can stick to it!