Sunday, December 30, 2007

christmas 2007

merry christmas! i think we can still say it up until january, right? though i said it to someone accidently at church today and they laughed at me and said "happy new year." hmm...
so as always, the shulba christmas took place on christmas eve. we tried something new - cooking food on stones. yes, marble stones with fuel under them like fondue... i was definitely unsure of how this would work and whether we'd be waiting a long time to eat but what better time to try them out on an evening you have no where else to be except sitting around with family chatting? and as it turned out, they worked great. they're quite fun. and healthy really - tiny portions of meat and vegetables? it was very good.

prawns were my favourite...i ate 17. so maybe it's not necessarily portion control...
and then on to christmas morning at the macdonald household. we forgot to take pictures of us around the tree opening presents but we had a great time nonetheless. judy served up a great turkey meal and we remembered to take a couple photos then. (and i know you're wondering - but it's blueberry juice.) :)
and of course we gamed it up throughout the day. good times.
hope you all had a great celebration as well!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting these photos Rebecca - looks like you had a great celebration with both sides of the family. I got a digital camera for Christmas (Olympus Stylus 790). I have been quite inspired by the immediacey of your postings (and those of others). It makes me feel like I'm right up to speed on your life. I really enjoy your blog and resolve to comment more in the new year so you don't give up! Happy new year from Bonnie

therachel said...

so, I love that in the pic of tim and joy at the table, they appear to be wearing colour-coordinated outfits. classic!

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year... Looks like you have a great Christmas! We got a new game for Christmas so you'll have to come over and try it out with us!
Talk to you later!