Wednesday, December 05, 2007

the clock is ticking...

as we come down to christmas vacation, it also means the christmas program and this year...i'm at a loss. two years ago i searched and searched for a skit online that could accomodate 22 kids. one year ago, i wrote a skit. this year? i'm out of ideas.

HELP! Au Secour!

sooo...any ideas for a clever skit? any links to skits? anyone already written a christmas related skit with 16 parts and at a grade 4 reading level? haha.

no but seriously - i need a premise for a skit so that i can write one.


Judy MacD said...

hey.. try this website. You might get a creative idea if not an entire skit!

Ang said...

you should do something to incorporate your french. that would be really impressive. Perhaps a french christmas song with actions? Maybe you don't have enough time.
Or you could do that play we did in school where ben taylor was a bell, or when we were all angels, that was really dramatic.
Or you could teach them all the handbells.
We had some ambitious teachers when we were kids.

Bec Shulba said... came through for me. if you come to our school for the program, you will see my students bring inanimate objects related to christmas to life. oh man.