Monday, December 03, 2007

some time on your hands?

so you know when you have a little time to kill and you're on the internet but there's nothing new on facebook or the blogroll? what do you do? i hate to admit it but sometimes i play yahtzee online. so today, i'm having a snowday! school was very unexpectedly cancelled (unexpectedly because agassiz never seems to cancel) and there's a few minutes until something on tv comes on.

so...i went to the yahtzee page. and i get this blank screen with this message: this page is unavailable due to excessive traffic. sorry for the inconvenience.

excessive traffic? so what? doesn't one want excessive traffic at their page? it's gone and i'm sure i could find it elsewhere but i liked this version. and i really should find something more useful to do with me time. ha.

what do you do with your spare minutes on the internet...i'll be needing some new ideas.


therachel said... - updated every sunday

for your celebrity gossip fix, you must hit up - i managed to get alyssa on this bandwagon, you best climb aboard too.

umm...what else? do some Christmas shopping online? Uhh...that's all I've got for now.

Ashlee said...

naj said...


Sharelle said...

i think the answer is clear...because YOu introduced me to it...



and i concur on the postsecret. i check it every sunday.

Ang said...

I watch America's next top model on Youtube and Canada's and Britian's and Australia's
and I have secret rap battles with people on facebook messages

I also buy stuff or just look at things to buy so one day when I have money I'll know just what I want.

for impulse purchases