Tuesday, December 11, 2007

no juno?

i have been waiting for the movie juno in great anticipation ever since i saw the preview at some other movie. it has my favourites, michael cera and jason bateman, and looked great (in that artsy, film festival way that makes some of you not want to go see it). tonight, we were excited to go see it since i'd heard it was out in theatres.


in a deeper search on the the juno website i found that there are some free screenings over the next couple weeks. only ONE in vancouver on wed. dec. 19 at 7pm. if you live in vancouver, i suggest signing up for free tickets at 5th ave cinema - find more details on the website. also, you edmonton-ites also get a couple free screenings. but alas, i cannot go because it's our christmas program at school that night. sigh. but i guess we can go another night. :)


Sharelle said...

i have rsvp'ed.

its post exam & final, which means i can go. except i think i might work. but i could probably switch that..its only sbux after all:)

oh yes, thanks for the tip. 5th ave is my favourite theater. and free tickets. i can do with that.

is this making you feel worse? probably right?

Sharelle said...
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therachel said...

ever since my girl lainey (www.laineygossip.com) started chatting about this movie, I wanted to see it. I signed Dallas & I up for a screening next Thursday in Edmonton. Fab.

M-Thiess said...

wow - I've been wanting to see it to. I didn't know they did free screening. We have our junior high youth Christmas banquet that night though:( It's not due to come out in theatres till Jan. Hold tight Bec, something post-Christmas to look forward to:)