Tuesday, December 18, 2007

where can you see preschoolers singing, choirs rejoicing, skits like you've never seen before, all in one night? agassiz! see if the grade 3 4 5 class pulled it together and memorized all their lines in one week. come one, come all, to our christmas production wednesday night at 7pm. maybe if you're in the neighbourhood. haha. okay, i know, i know - you're not coming. but one year, i'll put out the invitation and someone will come and it'll be great. :) yay for jamie, judy, and tim for their faithful attending every year! see you tomorrow!


Joy said...

If we didn't live across the country, I'd be there!

therachel said...

i second what joy said. also, did you shrink the pic at the top of the blog, or is my little old mac just not loading the page properly?