Tuesday, December 18, 2007

relax - it's just christmas shopping...

i started today. christmas shopping. after a long day at work, i went straight to winner's and wandered around. then to costco. then to walmart. then to the mall. then to future shop. and it was a great evening.

if you don't let yourself get too uptight about 10 person line or the fact that you had to park far away from the door and then walk in the rain - it's not so bad. i'm definitely a "wander till you find something you think they'll like" kind of christmas shopper. sometimes i have some pre-shopping ideas but most often i don't. i think it's less stressful. i'm not really looking for anything...just looking.

so if you still haven't started your christmas shopping, take a deep breath and remind yourself that giving is about the thought - not the amount of money. there's nothing that any of us NEED so it's all a little bit extra and that should be fun to shop for. smile at the people behind the counter because no doubt they're stressed and if you're shopping for someone who's hard to buy for, costco has a great deal on movie tickets. :) just so you know.

happy shopping.


therachel said...

it sounds like you're some zen shopping guru. you go girl.

Sharelle said...


i said it two minutes ago on your juno post. but i'll say it again:

you are the best.

this is almost EXACTLY the speech i gave matt yesterday. its exactly how i feel this year too. i mean there are things in life to actually be stressed over, but christmas shopping is sure not one of them. i dont feel stressed either. maybe it will get us in the end (on sunday night or something). but for now, i'm feeling pretty zen too. thanks for the speech. very true.