Monday, December 24, 2007

poached eggs anyone?

this is just a little by the way...because i couldn't let this information pass by me without passing it on to all other egg poachers out there...

yesterday when i was on the treadmill, there were two tvs in front of me - one had the news on and the other had the food network. i don't know who picks these channels but i did not. anyways, watching the food network and some girl was making a breakfast meal blah blah blah and she was going to make poached eggs (you know, when you crack the egg into the boiling water and then take it out in 3 min) and these were her tips:

[wait, let's insert here that i make poached eggs all the time and the problem is that when you drop them in, even if you do it gently from a little cup or something, the white part spreads everywhere and doesn't cook with the yolk. you may not care but people who poach are feeling my pain.]

so the tips:

crack the egg into a little bowl or cup first. (i already do that)
turn the heat down a little so it's not crazy boiling when you drop the egg. (i already do that)
stir the water (whatever.)
add a tsp. of vinegar before adding the egg.

so yesterday and today? added the vinegar and WOW!!! HUGE difference! the egg doesn't fly all apart in the boiling bubbles - it stays together! you have to try it.

then the woman on the stepper behind me (who apparently had the remote) changed from the foodnetwork channel to the news. the SAME news that was on the tv right next to it. so now i had two tvs with the same thing on it while i finished my intervals. i turned around and looked at her to try to show that i was watching this egg poaching penomenon but she ignored me.

at least i learned about the vinegar.

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therachel said...

will have to try this. thanks for the tip, Bec.