Tuesday, June 09, 2009

cracks in my feet?

i see people in sandals sometimes who have terrible cracked heels. they just look awful. and i wonder how it is they have not gotten themselves a pedicure as soon as those cracks appeared.

all of a sudden...I HAVE CRACKED HEELS! i've never had them before. what has changed? why did this happen? what can i do about it?

yesterday and today i have just been putting heavy duty lotion on them but they still are looking terrible. AND i just recently had a pedicure so i'm definitely not due for another one anytime soon. i can't give up sandals - it's warm out!


on a pregnancy note - since that's really why you're here reading this - i walked into the library today and the woman behind the desk says to me, "are you ever going to have that baby?" i logged onto facebook here at the library and my friend from PDP who is due june 24th posted photos of her baby, born yesterday. i'd like you to note that i have held it together and am not crying sitting here...but i should probably get out of here pretty quickly. haha. oh wait...too late.


Alyssa said...

You are doing a great job holding it together. When the baby comes, all this waiting will be worth while and for now just remember that he can't stay in forever. He will be born very soon!

judymacd said...

oh man... i feel your pain... even though its been 27 years, I remember it soo well. Let me help you feel better.. "Your mom flies from Ontario to help you. She books her flight to come FIVE days after your due date.. She comes. She stays for ten days, and then you take her to the airport.. in the exact shape you picked her up!" Now that was some kind of painful crying on the way home from sending her back to Ontario!! (ask Jamie!) And then.. baby Rebecca Lynne arrived three days later.. and really, in the scheme of things, I think May 12 has a much nicer ring to it than April 25... don't you think? loved you then.. love you more now.. hang in there!

judymacd said...

P.S. -- for those of you that don't know the rest of the story.. my little momma flew BACK to BC later that same month! AND surprised me by knocking at my door one afternoon... She couldn't bare not to see the wee newborn. So not only did she come and distract my impatience for 10 days, but I got her for ANOTHER 10 days.. God is good..

Lana Vug said...

Hey Bec! Not that I can feel your pain but hang in there! Now I know you want this baby to come, but for the next few day(s)maybe think of it this way - this is the last time your life will ever be quiet or relaxed! When that baby comes your gonna be pretty consumed with its well-being!

As for the feet I totally hear ya! I've noticed the same thing with mine - never used to be cracked and now they are.

I think the key is to make sure you treat them with some sort of scrub and soak them once a week and then apply heavy duty lotion (try to avoid Vaseline based products that have petroleum jelly - its really bad for you and your feet send everything into your body way faster. I recommend foot lotion from Berts Bees - it's all natural and works really good. A little more expensive though.