Wednesday, June 24, 2009

the price is right...

yesterday and today have been the first two days of me alone at home with ben all day. and these two days have involved a lot of tv and sitting on the couch. i have big plans to go for walks and read books but...we're off to a slow start.

seeing as, despite cable, not much on tv in the morning, i have resorted to an old summer tradition of watching "the price is right" at 10am. matt and i used to watch it probably everyday in the summer. and as we got older and sick of bob barker, we'd watch it on mute and do the commentary ourselves. but with drew carey as the host now, it's lost a little something. but i still like guessing the prices. i'm always way off.

today between feeding, naps, and a couple screaming fits, i watched some ellen, party of five, dog the bounty hunter, and dr.phil. thankfully, i have some plans for tomorrow and they include much less tv. :)


ashlee said...

he is so sweet...i think i need to make a trip to abbotsford too :)

Alyssa said...

Somehow daytime TV always reminds me of being a kid in summer. All those wasted hours when I should have been out enjoying my childhood:). I used to love the price is right too.

PS How do you ever stop staring at your son? He is too adorable for words. I love that even in new motherhood you find the time to post all these pictures and to let us know how you're doing.

theRachel said...

Do you wish each day was a Dog the Bounty Hunter marathon on TV?

PS - I agree with Alyssa. Ben is adorable. And you are a total champ for the posts & picture updates.