Thursday, June 18, 2009

parenting thoughts: then and now

i said, "i'm never going to sit in the backseat of a car with my baby."...i said, "i better sit in the backseat with ben to make sure he's okay on the way home."

i rolled my eyes at parental discussion of bowel movements...i regaled everyone over dinner last night with the details of my baby's latest diaper change.

> i thought it was funny when parents wanted to tell you how smart/strong etc their child should know that ben is already holding up his head and can hold is own soother in.  

> i didn't think i'd be one to give many details of my labour to people who didn't want to know...i described the experience to our friend/downstairs tenant with way too much description.  ;)

> i wondered why parents didn't want to let their baby cry it out...i tried to leave ben for two minutes and couldn't.  it was too sad.  

tim and i are loving our little boy and are muddling our way through the first week trying to figure him out.  so far, he likes his carseat and being in the car, enjoys his vibrating chair, gets the hiccups often, and loves to look at the light coming in the windows.  he didn't cry in his first bath or when the public health nurse stripped him down and weighed him today.  he cries inconsolably for awhile around 11pm at night and we haven't figured out why yet.  but we're having a great time getting to know him.  


Anonymous said...

that was a wonderful post .. bet all the mothers out there will be able to relate.

ben sounds like he's a really good little baby ..

jan said...

bec - i posted that comment. i never can figure out how to leave my name.

rachel said...


this is why I'm so looking forward to my brothers and sisters-in-law having babies. they really try to get it, but lets be serious. if you don't have a baby you don't get it.

hey - read the baby whisperer part about bottle feeding a baby. it's super easy to over feed when you're still getting to know ben's cues and then you have a cranky baby because his tummy always hurts. I loved her easy routine - really helped me know why my baby was crying based on where they were at in their schedule.

theRachel said...

I love your pre & post thoughts. I love that you share the details of things like labour and bowel movements - I'm always intrigued by such things so remember, I'm just a phone call away!