Monday, June 22, 2009

sunday anecdotes

so if you get together with us...probably anytime'll find that normal conversation is hardly possible.  we try - we really do.  but we're about to inturrupt you if our child makes any noise.  after you tell us something unrelated to the baby, we'll try to engage but it might come out with a question like, "why do you think ben's neck is peeling?"  yesterday, my dad said to me, "i'm still thinking about ross's sermon this morning.  aren't you?"  and i replied, "i'm thinking about my baby."  this is one all-consuming process.  and i really had no idea.  but hopefully we will quickly learn how to become contributing members of society again while having a baby.  i just thought i should warn you.

it was ben's first outing yesterday.  all the way to white rock so we could go to church.  he slept for the 45 minute car ride but woke up walking into church.  i figured he'd go back to sleep since he'd just fed 45 minutes earlier.  he sat politely through the singing (tim says, "this music is too loud.) and when the baby dedications began, he let out a big scream.  i tried not to panic and tried to look like a competent mother as i reefed him out of his car seat and tried to speed away.  i dropped the diaper bag up the aisle.  his hat fell off.  but i got him out fairly quickly.  :) 

as it is every sunday night, last night was pizza night.  ben monopolized our time of course so we somewhat ate in shifts.  i was holding him while i ate my dessert.  when i was pregnant, i had food stains on my stomach all the time.  what can i say?  i spill.  now that i have a baby, he took the wrath and ended up with some ice cream and rhubarb strawberry crisp on him.  thanks ben.   

so now our first week is coming to an end, it feels as though this little guy has been with us forever.  in a good way.  and we like him a lot.  


Alyssa said...

Just so you know, I am loving all the Ben anecdotes and can't wait to hear more! Thanks for sharing all the details of your new family life with us!

theRachel said...

I second (and third and fourth) Alyssa. I would be all in favour of a daily "Ben anecdote" post.

Also, it's quite funny, b/c even though we just got back from Europe, I had no interest in talking to you about that, all I wanted to know was how is the baby. Sorry for the poor grammar.


theRachel said...

also - have you picked up your OxiBaby Spray? The stain remover one that I told you about? It's golden! Will help you work on those stains...

ang said...

Heads up, the scream wasn't very big at all. We weren't disturbed. But maybe that's because Ben can do no wrong in our eyes and we could have easily listened to church and Ben at the same time.
Maybe people who haven't met Ben yet care more about baby noise.