Thursday, June 04, 2009


someone asked me a couple weeks ago if i was doing lots of cleaning since i was at home all day. "that's how you know you're nesting," she said. i told her that i guess i wouldn't be nesting because i was definitely not doing much cleaning. :)

i do day to day cleaning - you know...dishes, bathrooms, sweeping. tim does lots to keep the house in order. in fact, there are no chores that are mine alone. we take turns...or tim cleans it all. ;) but when it comes to more detailed can get left for awhile.

i get random inspiration to clean sometimes. like, i'll open the freezer many, many times and ignore all the peas that fell out of their bag one day. but all of sudden, the next time i open the freezer, i'll pull everything out, throw away the bad stuff, and wipe it down. and i feel good about a clean freezer and admire it everytime i open the door. somehow that good feeling isn't enough to spur on a cleaning frenzy. much to tim's dismay.

being 9 months pregnant doesn't help. i don't know who these cleaning/nesting pregnant women are. last night i had washed all the sheets and was making the bed in our spare room. it took me so long to make...huffing and puffing, swollen feet throbbing. i came out of the spare room crying. it makes you feel awfully useless to not be able to do simple tasks. (umm...and i hear pregnant women are emotional too) tim suggested that maybe he would work from home the next day and be able to help around the house for the day.

so today, between emails, phone calls, and other such work, tim cleaned like no other. all our window screens were cleaned and i cleaned some of the sills. (he did the sills i left behind) vacuuming, washing floors, kitchen. i did the bathroom though. :) he put together our thousand piece ikea dresser for the baby's room. mowed the lawn. swept. sigh - our house is SO's wonderful. and it makes me feel so much more ready to bring a baby in here. i guess that's why people clean the house pre-baby. not just moms do it...apparently dads can do it too. it's called...nesting. :)


Laurie Trueman said...

Good husbands are to be treasured that's for sure! Thinking about you lots and looking forward to hearing about your new baby.
Aunt Laurie

ashlee said...

very sweet blog glad you're home more now and can blog to entertain me at work :)

Anonymous said...

Wow - the scene with you crying after struggling to make up the guest bed took me back! Likely every "post-pregnant" woman reading this could tell a similar story. Kudos to Tim and every other husband who loves in ways that involve vacuum cleaners and Swiffers! Thanks for being so authentic on your blog and letting us be part of this journey with you.
love Aunt Bonnie

theRachel said...

I was actually wondering this morning about how much of the baby-minding tasks Tim would do, knowing about the housecleaning-tidying business.