Sunday, June 07, 2009

three days

i think i was focused too hard on june 4th. i thought i was would have a baby by then...or the next day. but now that it's sunday and i'm feeling quite disappointed and huge, im realizing that due dates are silly. only 25% of women have their babies by the due date.

yesterday morning at 6:30am, i thought that maybe labour was in its very beginning stages. this may sound funny to all who have had a baby but you hasn't happened to me yet so i'm not sure what to expect. but needless to say - it wasn't. i then spent the whole day thinking...maybe it's coming today. and i also spent the day mostly on my own in my house because tim worked on his truck all day in the garage. quiet time alone to think makes the waiting much much longer, right?

i should have taken the 4th and added a week right away from the beginning. so my new due date? june 11th. :)


jan said...

i think most expectant mothers feel that way .. hang in there!

also .. ran into jamie and judy yesterday. (great to see them!) we got talking about dairy queen .. in case judy forgets to mention it .. if you sign up for their fan club you get 2 for 1 coupons every month. (so i hear from a friend) maybe you could pass some time enjoying a blizzard. :)

take care ..

theRachel said...

Excellent way to look at it. I´ll hedge my bets on the 11th too! Plus, I feel like being a first-timer makes this waiting and wondering thing even trickier. Hang in there, friend!

Margaret said...

I just happen to follow another blog with a pregnant woman, and according to her, only 4-5% of babies are born on their due date. (hope this works)

Between you two and dooce, I'm reading an awful lot about pregnancy and due dates these days!

Anonymous said...

Due dates are cruel! I hated how everyone asked me, "are you STILL pregnant?"

Anonymous said...

okay I didn't really HATE it, but still it seemed like those days went by so slowly. I remember the midwife said it would probably be another week and I went home and cried.:)