Monday, March 01, 2010

olympic thoughts

i've never been a big olympic follower. i've never watched an opening or closing ceremonies. i catch whatever's on when someone else has the tv on.

when these vancouver olympics started, i was annoyed at tim for being annoyed at me for scheduling something else during the opening ceremonies. "it's just the opening ceremonies. nobody watches those anyways." (don't worry, we watched them on the pvr that same night)

but since we had channels that were playing olympic stuff 24/7 for the last 2 weeks, one gets into the spirit no matter how apathetic she had started out to be. and then one travels downtown and sees the crowds decked out in canada gear and sees the line into the bay; she is thankful for her olympic hoodie christmas present even more.

i discovered many a winter olympic sport that i hadn't know about: ice dancing, snowboard/ski cross, the speed skating one where they push each other forward. i watched many a winter olympic sport that i knew of but can't remember ever seeing before: ski aerials, freestlyle board/ski, speed skating.

i wonder if it's the fact that we've had unlimited coverage. morning shows talking with olympic related people/ donald sutherland, constant coverage of everything going on that has made this olympics all the better? when the olympics have been places other than here, we don't get coverage like that, right? or have i just not been watching?

watching the closing ceremonies last night, i found myself looking forward to the next winter olympics as i know i will always be more interested since 2010.

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theRachel said...

I'm surprised no one else has commented on this. Alyssa? Sharelle? Ang? Lana? Meg T? Surely you ladies have some thoughts on this!

I think I felt similarly to you, Bec. It wasn't until the day of the opening ceremonies that I got excited about the whole affair. And then we watched so. much. olympics. It was rad.

Re: Olympic Apparel. A few weeks before the games I was in the Bay and they still had a ton of hoodies left, and I skipped it. I went back on the first Saturday of the games and was completely out of luck. Both the Bay and Zellers only had kids sizes left! Sad!