Wednesday, January 26, 2011

ben's first haircut

this past monday was a rainy day. what to do on a rainy day? find a kid's hairdresser. i called and we were in getting ben's first hair cut 30 minutes later. i had just enough time to find the Elmo's World on "hair" and watch the 2 minute clip of the kid getting his haircut. i told ben that he was going to go get HIS haircut too. he just stared at me.


getting to sit in this tractor was well worth the $14 haircut cost. he was pumped.

ben got a treat at the end - a lollipop. he was a big fan of his first lollipop. overall, a great experience. he seems to realize that something happened to his hair because when we went over to the shulbas the other day, we got up to the door and i told him, "grandma's going to like your haircut!" and when grandma opened the door, ben grabbed his hair and pulled it up for her. pretty funny. it took me a couple days to get used to seeing him looking like a "big boy" - it's amazing what difference a haircut makes!


theRachel said...

Looking good, Ben! Nice choice of outfit for this monumental occasion! :)

dawn said...

that kid is just so darn cute!!!