Wednesday, January 19, 2011

you are the best thing

a long time ago, i made a playlist called "ben's cranky mix" which I would play when I was annoyed with ben's crankiness. they were all upbeat songs that were intended to extend my patience. well, ben is a big music fan in general so he's always asking for "muh! muh!" while nodding his head. i guess i must have been choosing this playlist more often than not because lately, if i picked any other song, he'd get angry and shout, "muh! muh!" while nodding his head though this would get his point across. and i guess he did because i'd switch it to the cranky mix. the cranky mix starts out with ray lamontange's You Are the Best Thing. well, after this song is finished, ben stops whatever he's doing and points at the computer, nodding his head, saying, "muh! muh!". when i go back and start the song again, he's happy. now, i'm actually a fan of listening to the same song over and over so i don't really mind but it's kind of funny, right? the other day, we listened to this song 10 times in a row! (the things we do for our kids)

well, a good friend of mine was over with her two kids yesterday and ben started asking for music. i thought, "i don't really want to listen to ray over and over with other people here" so i turned on a kids cd (which ben has been known to enjoy) and ben went nuts, screaming, "muh! muh!". i walked away. this is what you do when they start tantruming, right? i don't know. but anyways, i walked into the living room and left ben yelling and flailing in the kitchen over the music and he comes running like a wild man into the living room after me and falls. but he doesn't just fall. he falls at full speed into the sharp corner of the banister and gashes his forehead open and scratches up his cheek. oh my goodness. all over ray lamontange. oh ben.

we got a band aid on his head though it might of have been one stitch worthy and he recovered from his tantrum. later in the day, we listened to ray as many times as he wanted. because ben, you ARE are the best thing. ;)


Sharelle said...

oh man. i like this kid. he knows his music.

i love that song.

theRachel said...

I want to know what else is on the play list.

Also, is the intention of the play list to calm you down, or to remind you of the good things about being a parent (while Ben screams in the background), or is it to calm Ben down? I'm very intrigued...

LaelDyck said...

that is so great! what a great ear ben must have! a budding musician?