Monday, January 31, 2011

crazy for coco puffs

does anyone else out there have a toddler who is CRAZY over a tv show? ben has crept into the crazy category over elmo. we used to watch it in the mornings before price is right because it was on. then, since he liked it so much, we started taping them so that we could access them at anytime. this is very handy. sometimes i'll put on an elmo episode when i'm trying to make lunch or dinner. somtimes, when i just need to send a couple emails. and now i'm in trouble. this kid knows that he can watch elmo at anytime. when the piano comes out and elmo starts to sing the ending song, ben sometimes begins to cry. if he's not crying, he's at least shouting, "dada! dada!" (which triples as a word for elmo, daddy, and santa - three very important people) in hopes that i'll play another one for him. now, don't get me wrong, i say "no" to watching elmo MANY, many times a day which leads to much crying and screaming if it's between 5 - 7pm (the tiredest hours of the day). i cannot handle this craziness over elmo anymore! we're going to have to make it into a set time of day and that's the only time he gets to watch...will that calm the craziness? i don't know. it's all trial and error, i guess.


Matt said...

yeah, i think once you lay out some ground rules for scheduling, he`ll understand that life isnt just an elmo free-for-all.

theRachel said...

Like the sleep thing, perhaps there needs to be an "elmo routine."