Tuesday, January 04, 2011

flashback february 1998

in february of 1998, i bought the first issue of "Teen People" magazine. i kept it on my bookshelf for years and then put it into a box in my parent's crawlspace. this past weekend, my mom pulled said box out of the crawlspace and asked if i wanted to keep anything in it. well...if i've kept this magazine for that long, i guess i should continue keeping it?

here are some highlights from a 1998 magazine -

>jennifer love hewitt is on the cover for being in Party of 5
> the GAP ads show women in large denim shirts
> the page where they find stars out in the real world has a picture of Jewel signing a poster and 98 degrees hanging out in new york.
> there's an ad for the SERIES PREMIERE of dawson's creek!
> there's a milk ad featuring J.T.T and another with hanson!
>there's a feature article on the spice girls

what a flashback.


theRachel said...

"large denim skirts" - i don't even think I can picture what this means.

I feel like folks even a few years younger than us would be thinking, "who are 98 degrees? who is J.T.T."

Ashlee said...

Wow...can't believe that 1998 was 13 years ago...that was a good year :)

some guy said...

im sure the large denim shirts would go with the large denim skirts.... denim...