Sunday, January 09, 2011

snow morning

off to get the sled from the backyard.

so yesterday evening, it snowed huge flakes! we watched it decorate the trees from our windows. it didn't seem to snow any more overnight but stayed cold so that all the snow was icy this morning. ben has this terrible cough and a runny nose - it just didn't seem right to subject all the kids at the church nursery to his germs. plus tim and i had terrible sleeps so we are pretty tired this morning. we stayed home. but we did not stay inside.

ben was so cranky this morning but it was not yet nap time so we headed out into the sunny snow day and brought the sled. i have to say, i love having some hills just behind our house. not far to go. tim went down with ben first. then it was my turn. i said to tim before he pushed us off, "nothing can happen, right?" because sledding makes me a little nervous. he laughed. we went racing down the hill, hit a bump, and toppled over. being much larger than my 18 month old, i fell on him a little...oops. he was none too happy with a faceplant in the snow. after we stood him up and dusted him off, he seemed fine though my fleece pants were soaked through. yuck. we didn't go home though but mostly just walked around in the snow for the rest of our time outside.

this hat's buggin me!

watching the sledders
(i know the mitten string should go inside the coat but when you then pull the mittens off and they're hanging there by the strings, it drives ben crazy.)

laughing at them yelling

let's go, mom!
(check out my new sorel boots that i got for christmas! LOVE them!)

we were too slow for ben - he headed out on his own.

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theRachel said...

Looks like you guys had a fantastic snow day! I always feel like going outside when I'm stuffed up/sicky feeling that the fresh air improves things.