Wednesday, January 05, 2011

make soup

i posted my new years resolutions over at and one of those resolutions was to make soup this year. yes, make soup. i think i've made soup maybe...once. lentil soup from the recipe on the back of the bag the lentils came in. it was pretty easy however, for some reason i never made soup again. i know there are so many preservatives in canned soup so one time i bought a canned, organic, no preservatives vegetable soup and it was terrible. i had to throw it out after taking as many bites as possible. yuck. turns out i like those preservatives...aka. salt.

but really, if i made my own soup, then i would know what i put in it, right? my mom makes a wicked turkey soup post-holidays which i love and my mother in law makes all kinds of great soups. i need to just start putting the work in. i found a great weight watchers recipe for vegetable soup that i plan to try tomorrow and i bought all the vegetables today. i'll let you know how it goes.


Hanners said...

i use sea salt all the time, tons of minerals. do it! spice it up! :)

theRachel said...

I remember earlier in the fall when you were over and I was making soup...I think it was butternut squash? And your comment made me laugh, "it looks like too much work." But trust me, it's not that bad (mostly just lots of chopping, I find), and the end result is delicious!