Thursday, January 13, 2011

locking doors

ben's latest favourite activity is running into various rooms in the house, shouting, "bye!" and closing the door. he doesn't know how to open the door yet though i'm sure that's just around the corner but this means you need to be near by to open the door again for him when he knocks. the funniest one is when he closes himself in the pantry. a bedroom or something, i understand - there are things to do in those rooms. the pantry is dark and there is no room to move so he just sits on my tupperware box in the dark and waits for me to open the door.

when ben first started doing this, he ran into the bathroom one day and locked the door behind him. i was in a total panic as i listened to him flushing the toilet and just before i was about to throw my weight against the door and break it down...(haha) i figured out that you can unlock it from the outside with a butter knife. phew.

i'd have to say that i like this closing doors activity better then ben's other favourite activites: pushing a chair up to the counter and putting things in and out of the microwave or emptying my spice rack and climbing up and down on the kitchen chair to line up the spices on the window sill.


theRachel said...

1. Did Ben get a hair cut? It's looking shorter in the front...or is that just the angle of the photo?

2. You could get one of those thingies for the inside of the bathroom's a child-proof item that makes it difficult for little hands to grasp the door (and I would imagine lock it).

Bec Shulba said...

no haircut yet...oh there will be a blog post when the day comes!