Thursday, July 07, 2011

freezer meals

speaking of meal planning, here's some inspiration for you: this woman make 46 meals at a time and freezes them. it lasts them months. i don't think we could get the same meat deals in canada as she does in the US ($1 for a pack of bacon?) but even if you spent more, this is still a pretty awesome way to have low stress when it comes to meal prep. i could see myself putting in the time once a month in order to have so many meals made ahead of time. though that's a lot of plastic bags...i'll be putting mine in my tupperware freezermates...


Lana Vug said...

Ok. So here's the deal. When I move back to Vancouver next year we need to have a serious tupperware get together! I realised I have a great lack of it! I miss doing freezer meals... its pretty hard to do it here without another freezer at my disposal... and tupperware!

Sharelle said...

That was my whole childhood right there - the major cook, then a bunch of freezer meals.

My mom would phone and say: "take out the lasagna" or "take out the chicken" and I'd go grab it and put it in. Pretty smart.

Matt & I have just started doing this too. But we only have the fridge freezer, so we can only do a couple of weeks. Still, I love having stuff prepped. It's so much less stressful.