Saturday, October 01, 2011


after a week of having avery scream her heart out each evening between 9pm - 12am, we slowly began to figure out that she was hungry. it seemed crazy when she'd just eaten an hour and a half earlier so we kept assuming it was gas or something. i guess because she'll go 4 and 5 hour stints without eating during the day, eating every 1.5 - 2hrs in the evening isn't that weird...unfortunately, it took me a week to figure this out. the last three nights though, we've barely had any crazy crying. night time periods of sleep are lengthening but i have not yet figured out that i need to get into bed as soon as possible in order to maximize the first long "nap" from 9pm-ish to 1:30am. and i'm sure this will change any moment anyways, right? that's something i DO remember about babies. avery is spending more and more time awake with her eyes open which is nice but it always feels just one step away from a meltdown so i'm always a little fearful of the awake times...but i'll get over it soon. you feel a little bit zombie-ish that first week and you're not quite sure of this new person in your life but the second week brought a little normalcy back and i actually spent a lot more time enjoying this little girl. it was a good feeling. now if we can just get the napping schedules coordinated and remember that i should go to bed at 9pm, we'll be out of the first month in no time.

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theRachel said...

I love hearing the Avery updates! Love you guys!