Saturday, January 24, 2009

lazy saturdays

tim and i have very different philosophies on saturday activities. to tim, saturday is the day that you get things done. he cleans, spends hours in the garage "organizing", does yard work, goes to the dump, etc. etc. my kind of saturday is sleeping in, reading, watching a movie, taking a nap, eating out, maybe throwing a workout in, taking another nap, hanging out with friends, etc.

sometimes this difference of philosophy can be a problem. but the longer we are married, the better we get at making both work. or sometimes one of us gives in to the others' saturday style. today was a rebecca saturday. went out for breakfast, had a nap, watched my tom petty documentary while buying music on itunes, read the latest issue of explore magazine from cover to cover, went for a drive together, and we're heading to a movie tonight. i love saturdays like today.

things you should know about the info in this post:

> i downloaded "the weepies" album - say i am. also, the song - you don't know me by ben folds and regina spektor. you should listen.

> even if you're not a big tom petty fan, you know a lot more songs than you realize. "running down a dream" is a 30th anniversary documentary of tom petty and the heartbreakers' journey and it is SO interesting. you will be a huge fan of tom after watching it. you should borrow it from me.

> explore magazine is a canadian outdoor sport kind of magazine. often, there are no articles in explore that necessarily relate to me and anything i'm doing but the entire magazine is so so well written and interesting. we had a subscription for years and even though it was tim's subscription (thanks judy), i probably read my entire way through first because it's an inspiring magazine - makes you want to be more outdoorsy person. you should read it.


ashlee said...

your saturday sounds so much better than mine was...i cleaned the house :(

Margaret said...

What movie? Did you like it?