Tuesday, January 20, 2009

going green

we have so many reusable grocery bags but usually forget to take them with us to the grocery store. it's not that we're not reuse-savy...we just honestly forget.

yesterday as i was pulling out of the garage to go to the store, tim came running out of the house with 3 reusable bags.

i took them into the store with me, carried them around, got up to the counter, watched the girl bag my groceries in plastic bags and then when i reached over to pick up my plastic bags, realized that i had my reusable bags in my hand still. shoot.

i got home and tim was like, "why do you have plastic bags?" i told him that i'd taken them in and forgot they were in my hand.

"at least we were one step closer to using them." - tim


Margaret said...

Do you know what the road to hell is paved with? ;)

therachel said...

Hey, one step closer is something. Go Shulba's! You can do it!

Katie Marie said...

THAT IS HILARIOUS! I have actually done that, except when I realized I had my reusable bags in hand, I actually re-bagged all my groceries again, and returned the plastic to the check-out lady. I know, I'm crazy and probably very irritating to some people. I got some weird looks. Oh well. Good luck in the future!