Tuesday, January 27, 2009

getting my veggies...

so on a day to day basis, i try to get lots of vegetables in. sometimes...it doesn't work out so well. like margaret says, "the road to hell is paved with good intentions." yikes. thanks margaret. i think of this often in regards to my lack of vegetables. haha.

my new trick, which some of you may look down on, but my trick nonetheless...V8 juice. not the tomato-y kind - the kind mixed with fruit. while many fruit juices that have vegetables in them advertise "two servings of fruits and vegetables"...V8 fusion is the only one that says, "one serving of fruit and one serving of vegetables" in every glass. and it still tastes great. so while i know that juice can be empty calories because it doesn't fill you up - i feel good knowing that i'm getting at least one serving of vegetables from it.

try the peach mango one. it's great. and no, i'm not getting paid for this advertisment. but if you know how i could, please let me know.


Margaret said...

Anything for you, friend.

Cousin Sarah said...

Hey, maybe I'll try that stuff!
I have never really been a fan of V8, but maybe I'd like it with the
fruit. Wow, you really should get
paid for this advertisment because
you've convinced me to buy it! Haha!

theRachel said...

I'm glad you're getting your F & V. Joanne would be proud.

I posted - http://drsynchyshyn.blogspot.com/

Hope you enjoy!

Anonymous said...

Aunt Bonnie said
Good for you with the V8! I find sipping a drink like this while I'm making supper keeps the "hungries" at bay and keeps me from munching all my supper calories before I even sit down to the meal.