Thursday, January 15, 2009

the inconsistancy of blogging...

here's the question...or maybe it's a pondering. i check blogger everyday even though i may not blog when you come to my blog and there's nothing new, it's not that i just didn't get to my computer that day. usually the problem is that i don't have much of anything to say. i don't want to have the boring day-to-day posts of teacher-life or pregnant-life goings on (though maybe you think that's already what i'm doing? ha) but sometimes there are periods of time when nothing very humourous or interesting happens. what then? do i blog for the sake of blogging? because if you knew there would be something here to read everyday, maybe you'd check more regularly and i wouldn't write life-changing posts about my first ultrasound only to get two comments. ha. but then maybe no one would be interested anymore and they'd take my blog off the roll.'s a quandry really. but as i ponder that - here's a random story of the everyday:

last night i went to the gym for a Dance Fit class. as most of you know, i used to go to dancey-fitness type classes all the time until they just weren't really a workout for me anymore and i wanted to spend my time doing something that got my heartrate up higher. however, pregnancy seems to be a great time for such classes and maybe some dancing will give the baby some natural rhythm. (i told tim the other day that i would be putting our child in dance classes when they were 5 no matter whether a boy or girl which became a heated and controversial discussion. haha) so anyways, this dance fit class is actually taught by a guy who seems like a cool guy - good dancer. it's a lot more dance and a lot less cardio in comparison to my old class. but all fine and well. so i was there last week and then this week, i realized that the routines were pretty much the same. at the end of the class he explained that he keeps the same routine for 6 weeks. SIX WEEKS? that's crazy...i guess it's not for the people who didn't get it and sure, i'm not great but to me the idea is to move around. not learn a routine that i can perfect. so give me 4 more weeks and i'll be busting out some moves at the next get together.


jan said...

keep blogging, bec .. i LOVE reading it and i check it everyday .. sometimes more than once.

am anxiously awaiting the results of the ultrasound. SOOO EXCITING!

Sharelle said...

i read your blog consistently. even though my own posts are highly inconsitent.

when i switched to the new blog, i saw the numbers from year to year, and wondered why some years i have 20 and others i have 215. weird.

its' hard to know what is 'blog-worthy' isn't it? but just coming from me - i'd love to hear your teacher stories, then maybe i'd be okay to post mine.

ashlee said...

i read it all the time too and am sadly disappointed when there isn't a new post! just blog it all :)

Margaret said...

I think your friends need to learn about Google Reader. Then you wouldn't have to worry about people getting discouraged when they come to your site and nothing new is there. Of course, Google Reader is only useful to someone who reads multiple blogs.

I did read and enjoy the ultrasound post, but just as you sometimes have nothing interesting to post about, I often have nothing interesting to comment about!

therachel said...

I read this post yesterday...and I'm not sure why I didn't comment. I loved the ultrasound post. I'm not disappointed when there is not a new post (ok, well, maybe if it's been awhile I am) but I would enjoy reading anything you post.

Anyhow, just so you know: you are on my blog roll (ie google reader) but your blog is one of the only ones I ever go to on the internets as well to post comments (either you can't do that from reader or I just don't know how). Definitely the only blog I comment on regularly.


Anonymous said...

I for one am consistently checking to see if you have something new posted - AND am a little disappointed when there is nothing new for a few days - I often wonder how you have the time to think of things to post and then to actually post them - but thoroughly enjoy your style of writing and your sense of humour, whatever the subject matter.

I started digital scrapbooking this past weekend and am using some of the photos of the trip we took to Niagara Falls back in July/2000 - some really great photos of you to put into my first digital Storybook.

Aunt Laurie

lavonne said...


I read and check your blog consistently, but I don't comment regularly because usually I get here late and Sharelle and Rachel have already posted more intelligent comments than mine and I get intimidated.
All this to say, please continue to post regularly - it makes sitting at a computer all day much more enjoyable.

Also, I support putting a child in dance regardless of gender.

I second Rachel's comment that YOU ARE GREAT!

therachel said...

Lavonne...I sincerely believe that you have intelligent, witty and altogether priceless comments to leave - I'm sorry for intimidating you . Should I hold off on my commenting?

therachel said...

Lavonne...I sincerely believe that you have intelligent, witty and altogether priceless comments to leave - I'm sorry for intimidating you . Should I hold off on my commenting?