Saturday, January 10, 2009

the ultrasound

my ultrasound got bumped up to this past week so thursday afternoon, the school got a sub for me and tim picked me up to go with me for our first look at what is making me so large.  haha.  

let me warn you now - i do not know the gender yet...that's coming from my doctor sometime later this month.  :)

but i thought the experience was worth a blog post nonetheless.  

i headed in not sure what to only knowledge based on television.  on friend's, rachel is wearing a hospital gown.  but on juno, juno is wearing her clothes with her shirt pulled up.  i had a juno ultrasound - just pulled up my sweater.  the technician was obviously sick of pregnant people.  i tried to make conversation at the beginning only to be ignored so i sat in silence while she clicked away on the screen.  for about 20 minutes, she clicked, i sat.  then she said she was done and she'd call in my husband.  finally tim got to come in and we got to see the baby.  it's...umm...really cute.  haha.  no, it was very cool to see that there really is a baby in there.  she was poking my stomach to make the baby move around.  it was really clear and we could see the baby putting it's hands up to it's face and wiggling around.  i have only felt the baby moving once when we were in hawaii so it was nice to see that it is still moving around in there even though i can't feel it yet.  

so the ultrasound was a success.  

as for the pregnancy update?  i'm much larger.  i've gone back to the gym this week which is good - need to gain less weight this month!  i am actually not as averse to the random stomach touching as i thought i would be.  not that bad.  i went out and bought another pair of pants and couple shirts today because i'm really lacking in the "pants that fit" category.  :)  and i have some pain under my ribs if i sit for more than 20 - 30 minutes...what?  and i'm only halfway there!  i'm in trouble.  living room yoga is going to start this week to try to stretch the pains away.  i am still in awe at the craziness of being pregnant - how weirdly my body can adjust - skin can stretch and organs can just move out of the way.  i'm not going to lie - it's a strange experience thus far.  but you'll be happy to know that the idea of having a baby is growing on me.  haha. 


therachel said...

Great post! I love this update. If I lived closer, I'd join you in the living room for yoga to cheer you on and keep you (& Timbit) company. I'm still excited for the big reveal.

Katie Marie said...

Great Posts! You really have a gift for writing and creating a picture in our minds! It is great having you back, and I'm so glad you had a wonderful time in Hawaii. You girls looked so amazing in those dresses! Lovely seeing you on Sunday, and I hope your week goes well. Don't sit for more than 30minutes!