Saturday, January 10, 2009

missing camera cord...

so give me a couple more days to get pics up...the cord is lost and i'll have to go to WR to use my mom's...but for those of you that aren't on facebook and seen all the phenomenal photos there - i've stolen a few to post here. thanks to ang's photographer (am i breaking the rules by posting these here? i can't take them down) and alyssa.

ang looked amazing.
(and check out that giant bump on the pregnant girl)

what a venue.

pink. hot.

yes, the man on the far right is my husband...

at the polynesian cultural centre.

(oops...after posting this post, i found the cord and now the pics are uploaded on facebook...coming to becshulba.blogspot soon...)


therachel said...

Yes, the photos are phenomenal. I love the one of you from the side where we can get a glimpse of your baby belly. I love pregnant Rebecca!

Anonymous said...

i love the bump
hannah barkey

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the pictures. I don't even know the wedding couple and I was checking your blog every few days for pictures! There's just something about wedding pics...
Rebecca, you looked stunning and your hair was beautiful. Fushia - great color on you too. That little baby bump is so cute.
Aunt Bonnie