Tuesday, February 12, 2008

rebecca sews: legs

there they are. the beginning of pants. these are supposedly going to become something i can wear but i'm skeptical. i'm pretty sure the girl i partnered with to measure our inseams was confused at how to read the measuring tape. they could be capris. at least they're a comfy material and very wide legged - i can probably get away with mistakes. "what mistakes?" you may be asking. welll...like i said in the last segment of rebecca sews, i'm not very precise. and when it came to making these pants, i was frustrated by the slowness of the pinning and by how many pins i needed and then the slowness of the cutting of the fabric. i just wanted to sew! but i guess this is good patience practice for me. at one point, i broke my needle on the machine. (not on purpose - not even by lack of patience - it just broke.) but i'm sure the pants will work out...and if they do, and you're my size, maybe i'll make YOU a pair! hmm...i shouldn't sign myself up for too much too soon. maybe only if i get your name at christmas.
here's a close up of my lightning stitch - used for seams that you really don't want to have fall apart. (i would think that would be all seams but apparently not.)

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therachel said...

So my intro to this comment/title if it was my post was supposed to be: "NICE LEGS."

Re: seams: as in, so the lightning doesn't split the seam apart? Hmmm.

I hope you get my name at Christmas.