Wednesday, July 26, 2006

and i thought being a "gamer" was bad...

ahh yes, i have yet another "hobby" that i preface with, "i don't like to admit this but..." (anyone who's played games with me knows this line.) haha. yesterday, i began to scrapbook my first year of teaching. i've avoided this scrapbooking phenomenon since it began however, i've finally caved and thought, i'll just do one period of my life and see what it's like. it's not bad. if you've seen my photo albums from when i was in highschool, you'll see that i already had an edge on the whole scrapbooking thing before it ever surfaced. i liked doing this then...why not now?

kara's fantastic scrapbooks inspired to me to get going on this project that i'd talked about since spring break yet done nothing except buy the album. we got together yesterday, skipped the planned lap-swimming and did a little scrapbooking.


Sharelle said...

there are some things i have to say that i never expected of bec.
and one is probably that last photo.
but hey - you go for it friend. i think the paper cutters are pretty great myself. and you know, hobbies are good for us.

Anonymous said...

I am a hard-core scrapbooker, so I say "good for you!!" You think you will never forget all the amazing events of this first year of teaching - but you will; or you'll start to get them mixed up with other years. Making a scrapbook will keep those memories safe and you will be surprised at how often you go back to look at them. I find this hobby really "restful" and sometimes I think about the next page I am going to do when I am actually doing other things! ( see - hard-core!)Enjoy finding your own style - everyone's books look unique.
happy scrapping! Bonnie

ang said...

everything in moderation

Rachel said...

confession - I also love to scrapbook. Sometimes I wonder - in 10 years am I gonna care that my life is recorded in such detail? But I love playing with the papers and stickers, and I love taking pictures. Now if I could just get my husband to love my scrapbooks as much as I do... :)