Saturday, December 19, 2009

fake decor

the problem with christmas garland and trees and wreaths etc. is that they're so plasticy and fake looking. we have a great tree that we inherited from friends. and i found a wreath once that i really liked so that's fine. but every year i want to buy a garland and then just can't do it when i look at the stuff. it's all ugly. but then i go to someone's house who has that fake garland and it looks great once it's home and has lights and decorations on it and i think, "i just need to force myself to buy one."

well the other day i was in winners and looked through all their christmas decoration stuff. i found this pretty good looking garland for $16.99. i thought we could put it on our fireplace mantle. well i stood in line for so long and i analysed this garland the whole time. by the time i got to the cashier, i was going to say, "i'm not going to take this." then i said to myself, "just take it home and see how it looks. i asked the return policy on christmas stuff. i could bring it back. so i took it home.

turns out, it looks great. phew. i stuck some birch bark star picks in it as my own touch. :) (not pictured here)

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Margaret said...

Fake garland on a fake fireplace. :) What is the world coming to?