Tuesday, December 29, 2009

wary of the sewing

welll...i got a book from tim for christmas. it was super thoughtful - about decorating and using colour. it was very pretty. but i took it back. poor tim. let me explain - tim told me about all the books that he was looking at for me. i decided to get a sewing book instead - one of the ones he'd been trying to decide between. you know - decorating takes money essentially. sewing might cost less. (and i bought some beautiful fabric in december at a crazy fabric sale...)

so today i stood in chapters in front of the sewing books. there were some beautiful books. ones i really wanted. but i flipped through them and they were all in a different language. who are we kidding? just because i took a sewing class a couple years ago doesn't mean i can read sewing. it doesn't matter if the word "simple" is in the title. i would need a sewing tutor or partner to make anything now.

then i came across handmade home by amanda blake soule. i love this woman's blog and have loved it for years. and i remembered her book that i've wanted since before it was even published and she would post about writing it - the creative family. there was ONE copy in store. i found it and bought it. i haven't read it yet - and i know my kid is only 6 months old...i'm excited nonetheless. and i haven't given up completely on sewing - there are some projects in this book. i'll come back to those pretty and "simple" sewing books another day.

thank you, tim!


theRachel said...

I'm excited to see what you sew!

Marcy Reimer said...

come on over I am always waiting for a sewing partner and I can even decipher sewing lingo well most of it, I am self taught. I make most of Genevieve's clothes


I also have an amazing sewing machine and serger