Wednesday, December 23, 2009

funny...until it's not funny

ben has been eating baby food for a little while now and when i was at superstore yesterday, i bought these rice crackers - mum mums. they're for "babies who have started solid food". they dissolve super easy so they won't choke on the pieces. i've seen babies eating them before and i thought i'd try them out on ben.

he of course put it right into his mouth. and then he made some faces. and tim and i laughed and laughed and got the camera.

and then he got a little piece off the cracker and in his mouth. the faces got way funnier.

but then he started making gagging faces.

and then he threw up all over himself. shoot. no longer funny.

but he seemed like he felt better afterwards. poor little guy. we won't try these mum mums again for awhile...


theRachel said...

Ohhhhh Ben. Sorry to hear about your puke session.

janinedykstra said...

I tried those too, but I think I have to wait until he's a bit bigger for them.